Chapter HEALTH & SAFETY History

The following chapters are chapters that have adopted alcohol-free housing.

Alcohol-free housing is defined as no alcohol whatsoever for any reason or any purpose at anytime is permitted on or in a chapter or colony’s house, including the entire property and all buildings on the property.

Chapter Name   School Name
AZAL   University of Arizona
CAEP   Occidental College
CAMU   California State University, Los Angeles
CAPS   University of California, Irvine
CAUP   University of La Verne
CODE   Colorado State University
FLGA   Florida Southern University
GADE   University of North Georgia
GAET   Oglethorpe University
GAPS   Mercer College
IDAL   University of Idaho
ILDL   Eastern Illinois University
ILPO   Northwestern University
IACH   University of Northern Iowa
KSAL   University of Kansas
KSBE   Kansas State University
KSDE   Fort Hayes State University
KSGA   Wichita State University
KYBE   Western Kentucky University
KYGA   Morehead State University
MIDO   Central Michigan University
MISS   Oakland University
MSDE   Millsaps University
MNAL   University of Minnesota
MOAL   University of Missouri at Columbia
MOKC   University of Missouri at Kansas City
MTAL   Montana State University
NELP   University of Nebraska
NJIT   New Jersey Institute of Technology
OHLA   Kent State University
OHNU   University of Toledo
OHPH   University of Akron
OKMU   Oklahoma State University
ORBE   University of Oregon
SCDE   University of South Carolina at Columbia
SCUP   College of Charleston
SDTH   South Dakota State University
TNDE   Tennessee Technological University
TNET   Union University
TNKA   University of Tennessee at Knoxville
TNNU   Vanderbilt University
TXBE   Texas Christian University
TXTA   Texas A&M University


Below is a list of all open Sigma Alpha Epsilon chapters with any health-and-safety incidents for the two years.

Chapter Designation School Name Health & Safety Issue(s) from 2015-Present 
California Alpha-Epsilon Loyola Marymount Colony Closed with all members released from affiliation.
California Beta California Berkeley Charter Suspended for up to 4 years with all members suspended
California Theta San Diego State Universityf social and disciplinary probation through Spring 2015 with implementation of Alcohol Free Housing and Chapter Membership Review
California Chi-Mu UC-Merced Charter Suspended indefinately with all members suspended
Colorado Zeta University of Denver University Probation through March 21,2016
Florida Alpha-Mu Saint Leo University University social probation from February 2015 until February 2017 for a violation of social events policies and failure to comply with university officials.
Georgia Epsilon Emory Chapter placed on Alcohol Free Housing status with the implementation of Alumni Commission with Membership Review
Georiga Mu Georgia College and State University University Social Probation through December 2015
Illinois Delta Millikin University social probation through August 2016
Illinois Gamma Northern Illinois University organizational disciplinary probation effective January 23, 2015 through January 22, 2016 for a violation of social and alcohol policies and failing to comply with university officials
Illinois Tau Illinois State University University Probabtion and Social Probation and University Disciplinary Probation through December 2015
Indiana Beta Purdue University Social Probation through October 2015
Louisiana Tau-Upsilon Tulane Universityf social and disciplinary probation through Fall 2015 with chapter placed on Alumni Commission and Membership Review
Maryland Beta Maryland College Park Univesity probation through May 2016
Maryland Phi John Hopkins University Charter Suspended for up to 4 years with all members suspended
Michigan Epsilon, Section A Kettering University University probation through March 26, 2106
New Jersey Rho Rutgers University disiplinary probation through May 2015
North Carolnia Epsilon Wake Forest University Social Probation through May 2015
North Dakota Alpha North Dakota University warning probation through May 2015
Ohio Gamma Ohio Charter Suspended Indefinately with all members suspended
Oklahoma Kappa Oklahoma Kappa Charter Suspended for at least four years with all members suspended pending outcomes of a trial commission
Pennsylvania Eta-Gamma Villanova Chapter placed on Alumni Commission with Membership Review
South Carolina Gamma Wofford University Social Probation through December 31st, 2015
South Carolina Nu Clemson Chapter placed on University disiplinary suspension probation until February 2017 for violations of University alcohol policy and student organizatoin conduct.
South Carolina Phi Furman Charter suspended for up to 3 years with all active members suspended
Tennessee Kappa University of Tennessee Disciplinary Probation through December 2016
Texas Beta TCU University Probation through November 2016
Texas Delta Sothern Methodist Univesity University deferre suspension through April 2016. University conduct probation through May 2018.
Texas Theta Baylor Univesity University Probation through December 2016
Virgina Zeta Virginia Tech University deferred suspension through Fall 2016
Wisconsin Alpha Wisconsin Chapter placed on Universityf Alcohol Restriction through September 2015 for violation of University Social Event Policies
Florida Gamma Florida Southern Social probation through May 2016; Defferred suspension through May 2017
Florida Upsilon Florida University Conduct Probation through June 24, 2016
New York Zeta SUNY Oswego University Deferred Suspension through May 2017
Tennessee Sigma Memphis University Probation through August 15, 2016
Virginia Alpha Randolph Macon Social probation through May 2017

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