Health & Safety Allocation Model

EVANSTON, IL – The Supreme Council has approved the 2016-2017 Health & Safety Allocation Model for our Sigma Alpha Epsilon groups beginning this fall. The model details all of the reductions and surcharges that can be assessed to the bill, including changes that have been made since last year. These details should give our members a realistic projection of the fees each group will pay for the coming academic cycle.

Please note: The base fee of $290 per man is an estimate at this time. The final base fee will be announced as soon as it becomes available. For the purposes of demonstrating the allocation model and the reductions/surcharges, however, $290 is used as the base fee in these examples. Percentages for the reductions and surcharges are final and will not change.

Sigma Alpha Epsilon believes everyone is personally responsible to ensure the well-being of our members and guests and that leaders have a unique opportunity to promote their commitment to our health-and-safety program.

Allocation Memo and Models

You can view the 2016-2017 Health & Safety Allocation Model, which contains detailed and comprehensive information, by CLICKING HERE.

As a continued resource, the Fraternity Service Center has maintained its Health & Safety Calculator online that shows our members and advisers how different credits and surcharges can affect the health-and-safety fees. You can access the calculator by CLICKING HERE.

Action Items to Assist Chapters

Our collegiate members can take several additional proactive steps toward reducing their health-and-safety fees for 2016-2017. Each of these is detailed in the allocation memo, but highlights include:

  1. Important this year, all advisers must complete the Online Adviser Certification Program to be eligible to be included for this reduction. Furthermore, all advisers must re-certify in 2016 with certification programming that has been updated since its initial inception in 2013.
  2. Chapter members living in approved chapter housing may adopt alcohol-free housing to take advantage of a reduction. Groups without a house that agree to use solely a third-party vendor for social events may take advantage of a reduction with additional stipulations.
  3. Groups with delegates that attend and graduate from national educational programming, including the 81st John O. Moseley Leadership School, the DeVotie Ritual Institute and the Eminent Archon Institute, will be eligible for a reduction, as detailed in the allocation model. Please note: Invoices for the health & safety billing are generated using group rosters on May 1 of each year. To receive a discount for the John O. Moseley Leadership School, groups must have registered their delegates by that date to be eligible for the reduction.




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