Our Strategic Plan

The strategic initiatives are the product of months of work by active members, alumni and staff. We engaged students, volunteers and donors throughout the Realm through surveys, focus groups, meetings and one-on-one communication to gain the best possible understanding of issues and interests. We have made our best effort to ensure those priorities are reflected in the plan’s goals, objectives and strategies.

These initiatives are intended to serve as a primary set of priorities for the next three years with goals achieved by the end of 2018. The Supreme Council and staff will use this plan as a guide in developing the programs, tactics and services that will drive the organization forward and support the Mission of Sigma Alpha Epsilon. This plan is not intended to be an all-encompassing approach to the Fraternity but rather a set of focused initiatives to promote member involvement and organizational growth.

There are four overarching goals:

  1. Engage and retain alumni throughout life
  2. Increase our relevance and reputation by better connecting members with the Mission
  3. Live “The True Gentleman” to provide an experience that will be safe for members and guests
  4. Prioritize Fraternity resources to implement the strategic initiatives

To review a copy of our Strategic Plan, CLICK HERE.

Our Mission

Advancing the highest standards of friendship, scholarship, leadership and service for our members throughout life

Our Vision

True Gentlemen making our global community better

Our Values

In congruence with the Mission and virtues of SAE, we hold these core values critical to advance the Strategic Plan:

  • Trust
  • Integrity
  • Loyalty
  • Honor
  • Inclusivity

Updates & Progress

The following action items have been completed recently by the Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity as part of our commitment to the Strategic Plan for this biennium:

  • Created a dashboard for chapters that includes a history of incidents, grade-point averages, recruitment statistics, community-service hours and the allocation billing history
  • Developed of a curriculum at the John O. Moseley Leadership School specifically for juniors and seniors in order to give them additional education related to their personal and professional life as upperclassmen
  • Completed of a new job board at www.sae.net/jobs in order to connect both alumni and collegiate members with career opportunities
  • Created of a new Alumni Adviser Certification Program online at thetgi.sae.net
  • Hired both a Coordinator of Alumni Development and a Digital Content Manager Implemented a pilot partnership with Member Planet for 20 alumni associations to improve their operations and ability to serve alumni
  • We’ve created a Social Event Planning Worksheet, which serves as a tool to aid our chapters and colonies in planning social events. It covers the basic planning process for both events held at a chapter facility and those that are held using a third-party vendor. CLICK HERE to view the new worksheet.
  • The Fraternity has developed a tool to aid Province Archons in their duties and provides them with a number of resources and best practices for both their province and their groups. The manual was reviewed at the Tri-Board Meeting last weekend.
  • The Community Service Project Grant has been completed, which provides assistance for chapters and colonies in deferring costs for chapter-sponsored or colony-sponsored community-service or philanthropic projects.




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